Life Time Run

How is Life Time Run different than other run organizations?

Life Time Run is different, this is a place where people come to live a healthy way of life. In addition to offering the biggest and best facilities to our runners, we have so much more outside of our 4 walls. Life Time Run offers all of our members the opportunity to get personalized running advice and training from our trained & certified Life Time Run staff of coordinators, coaches & leads. In addition, there is something powerful about being around other people who have similar interests and running goals as you. Our amazing community of runners will help you learn, grow and connect with people who share similar running interest and goals. 

Additionally, Life Time Run is the fastest growing Running Organization in the country with over 82,000 interested members and 12,000 runners actively participating in our programs monthly.  We have a staff of 350+ employees in over 70 Life Time Run locations. We're more than a typical 'Running Club', we're a running company that has programs & products to help you reach your personal running goals. We offer:

  • Social Run Programs
  • Group Training
  • Customized Training Plans
  • 1:1 Run Coaching
  • Loyalty programs that include local running store discounts, and exclusive product & event access.

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