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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Orange Lacer?

Introducing the Earn Your Laces program offered exclusively from Life Time Run. You're invited to join a welcoming group of runners of ALL AGES & ABILITIES. Earn Your Laces is a 3-level program that we offer our runners to reward them for their hard work & commitment. Much like the martial arts belt color system, in which the color of the belt denotes the rank of a participant, we are recognizing runners who have run 50, 100, 150 miles in totality during scheduled social runs.

How It Works
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  • How It Works

    For every mile you run with the group during scheduled social runs, your local Run Coordinator will track it. As you progress through the 3-levels, you receive your new LTR colored laces & certificate. Once you hit 150 miles, you will be rewarded as an Official Orange Lacer during a Tuesday Night Social Run pre or post-run announcement.

    • 50 Miles = White Life Time Run Laces & Certificate
    • 100 Miles = Black Life Time Run Laces & Certificate
    • 150 Miles = Orange Life Time Run Laces & Certificate
  • Start Earning Your Laces

    Not only is running with the group fun, It keeps you committed. In addition, you’ll have a great time meeting new people and it will make running even more enjoyable. So, skip the treadmill, take your run outside and start earning miles towards your laces. Once you join, your local Life Time Run Coordinator will contact you with additional details on how to get started.

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