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  • Meet Some Of Our Top Life Time Run Coaches

    Our Certified, Experienced Run Coaches offer coaching for runners & events ranging from 5k's all the way up to Ultra Marathons. Meet our team of coaches and find the best coach for your running goals.

  • Rebekah Mayer - National Training Manager
    Rebekah’s background is in biology, personal training and coaching. With nearly 30 years of running experience, 6 NCAA-II All-American honors at Adams State College, and a 2:59 marathon PR, Rebekah combines real-world running experience with her education in the sport. Rebekah is a mom of 3, and knows first-hand the joys and challenges of balancing family, career and training. She treats her own training as an “experiment of one” and enjoys testing out new gear, supplements, training and nutrition methods as the science behind the sport continues to evolve.
        Jodee Thomas - LTR Coach (MN)
      Jodee has completed over 45 marathons, with experience at the Boston Marathon, Ironman Triathlons, and ultra's including a 100 mile finish. With her RRCA Coaching Certification as well as being a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, she has a well-rounded approach to training, which includes knowing the importance of nutrition, cross-training and recovery. Jodee has assisted others in achieving their goals whether it was finishing their first 5k, improving their marathon time or completing their first Ultra distance race. Jodee has been with Life Time since 1996, inspiring both groups and individuals. 

    • Sonja Friend-Uhl - LTR Coach (FL)
    Sonja's coaching and athletic achievements are extensive, and she combines her personal experience and education in the sport to bring her knowledge to our team at Life Time Run. Sonja has been competing at a high level for nearly her entire life, and still competes at the national and world level. From a State Championship in High School to record-breaking success at the College of Willam and Mary, Sonja's running career launched into elite competition. She competed in the 2000 Olympic Trials in the 1500m, and has been a member of six U.S. World Teams. Sonja is the reigning World Record Holder in the Women's Masters Indoor Mile, and competes for the Atlanta Track Club sponsored by Mizuno. Sonja combines her personal experience with over 20 years as a high school, club and collegiate coach, and is also a leader in the fitness industry. Check out her full bio for all of Sonja's experience & certifications!
    • Kathy Pidcock - LTR  Coach (CO) 
    Kathy has been running competitively for over 34 years in distances from 5K to 100 miles to several 24 Hour Races. She owns a past title of USATF Master's Women's Ultra Marathon Trail Champion along with 2 age group records at Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler. She is certified with LTR, RRCA and Focus N Fly. Coupled with a certification in 'The School of Hard Knocks' she coaches with empathy and experience. Her passion lies in coaching and running the trails but also gets a super charge coaching the beginning runners, helping them realize their dreams of becoming runners. Kathy's basis for coaching is to create a foundation of healthy runners that have fun competing and accomplishing their running goals well into their master's years.
    • Danny Haralson - LTR  Coach (AL) 
      Danny is an RRCA Certified Run Coach as well as an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Danny has led training programs designed for those who are new to running or returning to running--no matter the age, ability, prior experience, or speed. Danny has trained over 3,000 runners, many of which new to the sport, over the last 12 years for events ranging from 5k's to marathons. Additionally, he has been featured in many local, regional & national publications including Runners World. Danny is incredibly passionate about helping runners of all levels reach their personal goals. Personally, Danny has completed 57 marathons, and been a fixture in the running community.
    Tina Klein - LTR  Coach (GA) 
    Tina is a highly active member & ambassador to the running and health community. She is an RRCA certified coach & a Pilates instructor. Her personal passion is to work with other to help them reach their true potential, that is what she finds most rewarding. In addition, Tina is also a part of many outreach and running industry groups, including the Running USA & the US Olympic Committee. Personally for Tina, she has an impressive background as a member of the ATC's competitive Women's Master Team, and she has completed many running events including marathons both nationally & internationally. Tina is from the Lone Star State, fluent in three languages, and one of her favorite mottos: “Vamos Running ~ Vamos Moving” whether you’re a runner or walker, it’s time to move. Her tag line is something I hold near and dear to me, whether as a coach or athlete: Train with Passion.
    Mary-Katherine Fleming - LTR  Coach (CO) 
    Mary-Katherine fell in love with running as an outlet from her intense life in finance, completing marathons and ultra-marathons all over Europe and Asia beginning in 2001. She continues to share her passion for running and works with runners of all levels and backgrounds; instilling her focus and drive in all aspects of training. She sees running as a 'lifestyle choice' and loves helping others orient their daily routines around athletic goals. She is an RRCA certified coach and has completed over 40 marathons and 5 ultras.
    Elizabeth Engler - LTR Coach (CO)
    A Minnesota native and a mother of two, Elizabeth has been running for over 20 years. She has competed in over 200 races at every distance from the 5K to an Ironman triathlon as well as the USAT National Age Group Championships. Her passion is encouraging and motivating new runners, as they push their limits to achieve new goals they never believed possible. She has been a Run Lead, Dawn Patrol and Esprit de She coach at Life Time Fitness - Westminster.
    Ryan Krol - LTR Coach (CO) & Official Leadville Run Coach 
    Ryan's love for running ultra distances and exploring the mountains ignites his passion for showing people how to enjoy a lifestyle centered on fitness and health. Ryan has coached numerous clients to lose significant weight by finding joy in running. Several clients have lost over 100 pounds, achieved a Boston Marathon qualifying time, and completed grueling mountain ultramarathons. As a NASM-certified personal trainer with 5 years of experience, Ryan helps clients stay injury-free through functional training. He himself has completed over 20 ultramarathons, placing in most. Ryan believes if you can find enjoyment in being active, you will be successful in whatever your goal may be.
    Jill Becker - LTR Coach (CO)
    As a Run Coach & Personal Trainer at Life Time Fitness - Westminster, Jill combines her love of the outdoors and distance running with knowledge of sport science and coaching. She rebuilt her fitness following Achilles Tendon surgery, and takes a wholistic approach to keeping clients fit & healthy. Jill's coaching specialities range from 5K's to ultra-marathons, and she has extensive experience on the trails, including finishes at the Leadville Trail 100 and and other 100-mile races. She moved to Colorado from Iowa to embrace her love of the outdoors and mountain running.

    Marcia Noyes - LTR Coach (TX)
    Marcia loves the sport and accomplishing goals herself, but her PASSION is helping others accomplish their training dreams no matter what the level. Gildan Esprit de She training groups have all those levels in one group, and she loves the challenge! She is a certified run coach through Life Time, an RCCA run coach and has been running for 24 years without much of a break ranging from 5Ks to ultra running. She has been coaching for 10+ years using her personal training background to balance out the running.

Interested In Becoming A Coach?

Life Time Run is growing fast, and we are currently accepting applications in markets around the country. If you're passionate about helping others reach their true potential & personal goals thru running, please feel free to reach out to us today. In addition, we do have Run Certification programs available to those looking for a run specific coaching certification.

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