Life Time Run

The Life Time Run Training Philosophy

We utilize science-based training methods to help runners of all abilities reach their short-term and long-term fitness and performance goals in a fun, motivating and social environment. We incorporate supplemental training and education to focus on the whole runner and promote a Healthy Way of Life

Goal Setting
Healthy Way Of Life
  • Goal Setting

    Setting your personal goals gives you focus in your training and lifestyle. Writing them down increases your accountability to yourself and allows you to see the progress you are making.

    Our Life Time Run Coaches can help you set attainable goals and create a training program that will help you reach them.

    Whether your goal is to run your first mile or qualify for the Boston Marathon, we can help you get there. 

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  • Education

    Running is about more than just putting one foot in front of the other. Our primary training theories come from many expert coaches, including:

    • Bob Seebohar, U.S. Olympic Sport Dietician 
    • Coach Joe Vigil, 17-time International Coach including the Olympic Games
    • Coach Damon Martin, Coach to 25+ NCAA D-II Championship teams at Adams State University
    • LTR National Training Manager Rebekah Mayer, NCAA D-II XC Team Champion & Certified Running Coach

    We see training as both a science and an art.  We incorporate heart rate, pace and perceived exertion to help runners to learn what they are capable of. We believe that every workout has a purpose, and a coach should be able to explain the "why" behind each workout. 

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  • Running With An Important Focus. You.

    Performance in running is dependent on more than the training you have completed. Nutrition, sleep, stress and other factors greatly impact your training and racing. More importantly, all of these factors also impact the rest of your life. We believe that it is possible to live a Healthy Way of Life in an unhealthy world, and we have experts at Life Time who can lead the way.

    Our Group Training coaches create a motivating and social atmosphere where achieving your goals is fun! Regardless of age, ability, speed or style, we can help you to find a Healthy Way of Life through running.

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