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You’ve decided that you want to train seriously. Whether you’re completely new to running, or a seasoned marathoner, you know that you need a personal plan that fits your life and your goals.

Introducing the Life Time Run Custom Plan, a training plan designed specifically for you. Your Custom Plan is created by an experienced, certified Life Time Run Coach who knows how to blend the science of training with your goals, schedule and running history. Your coach also takes your busy job, family life and other activities into account and designs a plan around the time that you have available, and the work needed to achieve your goals.

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What You'll Receive
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  • Customized Training Plan

    Interactive, Customized Training Plan OnlineYou will receive a completely customized training plan built around your goals & schedule. It will include detailed workout types & descriptions, so you know exactly how to prepare. If you’re looking for ongoing communication with a coach throughout your training, please see our Online Coaching programs.

    Personal Coach Consultation

    After purchasing your LT Run Custom Plan, you'll complete an online Run Questionnaire. Once complete, you'll visit with your LTR Coach for 30 minutes to review your customized plan & answer questions. After the consultation, your course will be set. You'll be on your way to reaching your goals.

  • Pricing is set by program length, not distance. To determine the program duration you need just pick the amount of time until your race, plus an extra week for the consultation & program design. Choose your Run Plan at the link above. Prices are as follows: 12 weeks: $120 / 16 weeks: $160 / 20 weeks: $200.

  • A fully customized training run plan is the best tool you have for becoming a better runner. Follow these simple steps to get started with Run Plan

    1. Select the Custom Plan you want to purchase.
    2. Once you add it to your shopping cart & purchase your plan, you'll receive an automatic email with a link to our Custom Run Plan Questionnaire.
    3. Complete the interactive Run Questionnaire. After it's completed, it is automatically sent to your personal Life Time Run Coach.
    4. Within 48 hours your Life Time Run coach will contact you to setup a day & time that works best for your schedule for a one to one 30 minute running consultation to go over your custom plan. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to ask your coach questions.
    5. Get Ready To Run Your Best