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Beat The Heat

 Tuesday, June 19, 2012

While you might be looking forward to a fall marathon in perfect running weather, the reality is that much of your training will have to be done during the heat of the summer. Most runners develop strategies to get the job done, even when the temperature is high. We asked some local experts how they deal with running during the hottest part of the year.

On hot days, plan your run early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is at low angle and less intense. Wear light colored clothes, a hat and sun glasses and plan your runs through parks with shade and water fountains.

- John Schueller, Life Time Run Coach, Eagan

An endurance athlete who maintains high mileage in hot weather can be prone to “Runner’s Anemia”. Remember to maintain a sufficient Iron and Magnesium intake.

- Jeff Bostow, Life Time Run Coach, St. Louis Park

Run with a frozen water bottle or put ice in a baggie and put it in your hat or sports bra during your warm-up or cool-down.

- Carrie Tollefson, 2004 Olympian

On hot days, our group usually does some trail running. The shade helps and we plan the route to have a water hole half way where we can stop. If you’re in a neighborhood and people are watering their lawns, run through the sprinklers.

- Van Ly, Life Time Run Coach, Bloomington

Even if you’re carrying water, try to plan your route so that you have a place or two to stop, get a drink and refill. Note on water belts: I find that the ones with Velcro at the waist (versus an adjustable buckle-type fastener) are best. The adjustable ones tend to slide and cause chafing, which is never fun!

- Jodee Thomas, Life Time Run Coach, Coon Rapids

Obviously, any time you exercise in the heat, water is your best friend. Whether you drink it, jump in it or wear it, water can keep you going. Take some time to plan your route and your hydration carefully. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and listen to your body.